Things Your Boyfriend Loves About You

Have you ever been just casually hanging out with your boyfriend – say, you’re running boring errands on Saturday, but laughing and having a great time — and his face suddenly lights up looking at you? That doing something so random and regular could make your boyfriend so happy surprised you, didn’t it? Let’s peel back the mystery on some other things your boyfriend loves about you.
• Being one of the boys
It’s no secret that most girls love sports and competition as much as the guys, but we don’t always show it. When you cheer at the top of your lungs for your school’s football team, or get crazy competitive playing video games, he not only notices, he loves it!
• Being a girl
Men like the hunt. Indulge his caveman side by letting him chase you in a modern, twenty-first century kind of way. That means keeping a little mystery alive by not over-sharing on social media about your relationship or texting him non-stop. But more importantly, it means being your own person and having your own interests.
• Planning an elaborate date
Too often we fall back on stereotypes and let men plan everything from the time they pick us up, to where we’ll go and what we’ll do. Turn the tables on your guy and plan an entire date from start to finish. He’ll love to have the pressure off of him.
• Taking real interest in his activities
It should go without saying that you love and support your boo, right? You are there to be his cheerleader when he’s presenting in class and you congratulated him on landing that killer internship. But how many questions did you ask him about his choices, his interests, his goals, his dreams? Taking real interest in your guy shows that you care.

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