Think before you send!

If you or someone you know has taken naked pictures of themselves, and have sent them out to fellow classmates, be forewarned- there’s no going back once that picture of you is out there. One second you’re drunk at a frat party with a lime in between your boobs, and the next day, that same picture of you is up online and has been viewed numerous times by people you may not even know.
Sexual pictures circulate, and just like some people, they get around fast. Guys get females pics and usually show their friends, or send it to their friends, or both, soon after receiving them. That’s a problem with technology these days – your reputation can be ruined because things are actually fun and normal for being in college are also being recorded and passed on in a moment’s time.

That’s why, if you have a habit of sexting, or sending naked pictures of yourself, you should probably try and be a little more discrete about what you’re saying or sending, or simply, just put the phone down! If you are quite the exhibitionist and don’t want to stop sending our sexual messages, or sending out a smoking hot picture that you are proud of, you can still get away with sending scantily clad pics. This goes for guys and girls. Have a game plan: cut your head out of the picture, blur it out, or add a symbol in front of it so no one knows it’s you. Sure, some people may recognize you slightly, but it’s a lot different with having your face blurred out, then having it actually you, where there is no possible way of disputing that you yourself is butt naked holding a cell phone in a bathroom mirror.

Remember, if you stand in front of the mirror in your birthday suit, it’s almost guaranteed that more than one person will see this picture no matter how much the recipient swears they won’t send it out.

And ladies, if you’re posing with nothing on more so than a smile, realize your entire dorm hall will see these pictures and they will be circulated.

It can be very fun to take pics of yourself, but do it smartly, so if and when the recipient and you are over and done with, he or she can’t have so much control over who gets to see you naked. Only you will have the power.

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