Changing major junior year

I’m a Floridian girl and moved to Rhode Island to attend college. A lot of people though I was crazy but as Steve Jobs said, “.. people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”. I’m a current graduate from the University of Rhode Island where I received my I received my B.A in psychology and French. Currently I’m studying for my GRE which I’ll be taking months and applying to graduate school. My future goal is to conduct my own research and for it to be published and used across the world. In the meantime I’m still a Floridian living in New England waiting to make a difference and changed lives.

It is never too late to change your mind. When I first started college my dream was to pursue my B.S in marine biology but after my second year I realized that I wasn’t as strong enough for that field like I imagine. Plus, I was stressing over my all classes. College is the time where you are figuring yourself- “who I am”- and thinking about your future goals. With all the stress I was causing, it affected my first two years of college- socially and academically. Of course it is natural to stress here and there but not all the time and that was what I was doing. I realized it was because I was interested and stronger in a different field, psychology. Once I changed my major I was stressing less in comparison to marine biology because psychology came naturally to me and I enjoyed it! I wasn’t worrying about my classes, over studying, or freaky out on the up coming exam because I knew the material well. College is a learning experience and sometimes what you always dreamt of doing can change or perhaps you notice you are better at something else. Don’t be embarrass or ashamed to switch to a different major and take a different career path. Remember this is your future- what you want to do. Sometimes it does take time to realize this but do not panic! You can always take summer courses to catch up. College life can be daunting and time consuming, however, you still need to have fun. You are now in charge of your life. You need to do want you want to do because only you know yourself best. When you know your intended major wasn’t for you do not hesitate (second guess) to switch over. The earlier the better, and you wont fall too far behind. Remember you are not being penalized for switching majors, you are just noticing that you have different goals for the future.

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