Going-Out Hairstyles

When I was in college, I couldn’t wait for the weekend. I could finally let my ponytail down (or coif it up!), get dressed up and enjoy a fabulous night or two on the town with my friends. I have to admit, one of the only ways I ever wore my hair was a sleek ponytail or super straight. But there are so many styles in between that will guarantee to add that exclamation point to your look and finish off your outfit perfectly.

If you didn’t have time to wash your hair, try this no-fail hairstyle, the side-swept ponytail. Start by gathering your hair at the crown and teasing from the middle of the strands to your crown. Spray with hairspray with every layer of hair you tease. For dramatic flair, start by parting your hair a little farther from the middle than you would usually do. Then gather your hair to the side, smoothing your hair on the outside without completely smoothing down your style. Twist your hair toward your face and secure with bobby pins at your neck. Rub a bit of styling gel you’re your hands and scrunch it into your ponytail to create smoother waves. Take out one or two strands at the front.

For a more romantic look, create loose waves. Simply heat up jumbo rollers and, while you wait, start brushing through your hair. When the rollers are ready, divide your hair into large sections and roll your hair from the ends just until the middle of your strands. Once you’ve finished, leave in your hair for about 10 minutes. Remove one by one and arrange your waves as you like. Then spray with a light hairspray (don’t want them too stiff!) and you’re ready for a fun night out!

If you want a few more ideas, you can also add a few accessories like a headband or scarf. When all else fails, I always love a clean bun just on top of my head like a ballerina with a great pair of statement earrings. With a little practice, you will have three reliable hairstyles to change your nighttime look in a snap.

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