Beauty tips and tricks

Countless times, I have roamed my school campus with a baseball hat covering hair that had potential for style that day but that I just couldn’t be bothered to fix. As with anything in college, time is a commodity, so hair is sometimes last on the list. But if you want to up the number of good hair days versus hat days on your calendar, then check out these four hair tips that will help you look your best in no time flat.

The side braid is one of my favorite looks for school that I became known for when my hair was long. I simply started a French braid and wove it to the side. The look is simple, it doesn’t have to be tight, and you can easily bring loose ends together just with a cute headband or scarf. You can also do a variation by starting a smaller French braid on one side of your head then braiding to the other side, leaving your hair in the back to flow down naturally.

Another go-to for wavy hair is letting your hair air dry. This is not only great on its own but makes updo hairstyles a little easier to manipulate. The most important step in this hairstyle is the product. Make sure you find a leave-in serum that eliminates frizz while increasing wave. You can find a variety of these at your local salon. In order to prevent driving around for hours, just call them and ask them if they carry that kind of product and how to use it. You might save some money by asking a salon then looking online for the same product! Follow the instructions, working a small amount of the product into damp but not too-wet hair, and shake out your waves. You may have to finger-style your waves a bit, but this won’t take long at all. Let your hair air-dry to dampness while you put on your make up and get dressed, then apply the product to save time.

If all else fails, if you have the money to do it, go for a hair straightening treatment at a salon you trust. I once went to Thailand and India during the same vacation and literally washed and went with my hair every day. It was pure heaven! Depending on the type of treatment you get, you may have to spend some time with unwashed hair while your hair absorbs the product. Other products may last a shorter time but can be rinsed out just minutes after application. I recommend, either way, giving yourself a weekend or vacation time to do the treatment so you can give the product proper time to soak in and have time to get used to your hair.

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