Time Management

I am a freshman at Grand Valley State University. I am a broadcasting major and play football for GVSU. I have a university radio show and have an active social life. I am an outgoing person and enjoy interacting with others. I’m just learning ways of college but have plenty of experiences to share.

I’m a college student just like you. I am only in my tenth week of classes but I can speak from plenty of experience, time management is a key aspect to succeeding in college. College can be a very stressful time from the moment you arrive on campus. It can be overwhelming leaving everything behind and meeting new people. There is an amount of time you want to devote to your social life in order to get the most of your college experience. Once classes begin you have to manage your social life with your classes and studies. On top of classes and having a social life, it may be a good idea to pursue clubs and jobs. Clubs are a great way to expand your learning and involvement in the university. Jobs are obviously great to make a little more money on the side It’s very easy to blow off studying and hang out with your friends but it is important to know when you need to get serious about studies.
At GVSU, the university recommends three hours of studying for every hour that you spend in class. If you are like the average student and take 15 credit hours a semester, studying is a full time job if you follow the plan. Being a student is a big task and should obviously be your main focus. One of the best ways to improve time management is to stay organized. Get a planner and write out your agenda for the day. Make sure you plan your job, social life, and study time around you class schedule. It is key to prioritize what is most important on a daily basis. Your time management comes down to what works for you, and what is important to you.
I am college football player and have five hours of my day dedicated to football meetings and practice every day. I take twelve credit hours a semester but do not come close to thirty-six hours of studying a week. It really comes down to what works in your schedule. I manage to get by with a 3.0 and I also have a radio show and a healthy social life. Another very important aspect of time management is not procrastinating. The nights before a big exam or the night before a paper is due, you would much rather have it done than pressing to get it done.
College is about as stressful as you make it. If you have poor organization skills and you constantly worry, college is going to be a rough time. If you stay on top of your work and studies college will be much more manageable. You’ll find, if you have your studies under control, your social life will, fall into place. Remember to stay organized, know your priorities, and stay ahead on your work. Time management is one of the best skills you can have to succeed in college.

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