Advice for college freshmen

By Desiree Washington

Manage your time
Being successful with time

Study ~vs~ Fun
Peer pressure can not be avoided. But how you manage your time is Key.
College can be more demanding with the heavy work load given from each class, but it is manageable when you understand time.
“Old habits are hard to break!” know that they are breakable with practise of new learned skills.

Time management can be a habit that can take you places for the rest if your life. It is a great habit to take on.
Unlike high school a syllabus is given out the first day of classes with your course outline and the important dates of test, papers and reading assignments and the grading system for the course along with requirements to succeed. There are no reminders to get your work turned in on time. Time is what you make it. The importance of time is who you use it. Fun time
There will be plenty if parties and social gatherings, Pledging and lots of fun during the duration of your educational stay. Pick and choose your battles carefully. Check your vision board daily and complete all task. Then if time permits have some fun.
Being organized along with good study habits are among the few important qualities of time management.

It is important not to cram your subjects the night before an exam. After the exam the material will not be retained. This is why time management is important.
Although you think being a young person you wont forget what you have studied, well you will if you cram the information.
Vision Boards are important too some double majors like an athlete with plenty sports practices that take up most of your time to study. This is were your Vision boards can be helpful to complete good time management. Taking your schedule for classes, sports practice and fun time allotted time for each day including weekends can be helpful if it is followed correctly.
Focusing on the task at hand is always a great start. Changing your mindset allows you room to learn new things. Using good time management creates a successful college graduate. Being organized and good study habits are among the important qualities of time management.
Always prepared for each day. Using a daily check list can help you stay on task. As each task is complete it can be scratched out or marked as completed. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for completing the job. Developing these habits will also prepare you for the job market and landing the position you desire. It can also help in your goal of being a business owner and selecting a goal driven and prosperous team.

Paying it forward

Once you have mastered time management teach others help your roommate or buddies become successful at managing there time. This will also help improve your leadership skills and ability to teach what you have mastered. And help you improve yourself socially.

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