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Laurie Halloran is a dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven professional educator and curriculum development specialist with real-world experience in the performing arts field. She graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia in 2006 and is currently teaching both Drama and English at the high school level. Ms. Halloran genuinely enjoys teaching and loves watching students grow as they begin to master concepts, build on their critical thinking skills, and apply their knowledge in a meaningful way. It is her goal to instill a lifelong love of learning in her students and to inspire them to achieve greater both inside the classroom and out in the world. Ms. Halloran is also an active runner, traveler, and performer.

College is an exciting time full of new experiences and activities. From your first day on campus, you will be inundated with both social and academic opportunities that will monopolize a large amount of your time. The ability to manage your time wisely is a skill that will benefit you both in and out of the classroom, and learning to balance your commitments more efficiently will help make the transition from high school to college less stressful and more productive.

Chances are, before entering an undergraduate program, you’ve had a parent, relative, or guardian to help keep you on track. However, once you are on campus, you will find that there will be no one there to make sure that you get to class on time, eat at appropriate times, study, or get an adequate amount of sleep. The responsibility now lies solely on you and it can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a list of suggestions that you may find helpful to start your college career out on the right track:

Set the Alarm (and don’t hit snooze!)
Investing in a reliable alarm clock is a great way to make sure that you are getting up and arriving to your morning classes on time. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to eat breakfast, maybe get in a workout, and whatever you do, do NOT hit the snooze button! Keeping your sleep schedule consistent will get your day started off on the right foot and help keep you on schedule all day long.

Let Technology Work For You
There are a variety of different time saving Apps available for your smartphone or tablet that will help you utilize your time more efficiently for little or no cost. Having trouble organizing your academic day? Try iStudiez Pro ($2.99). This highly rated app has everything you need to take control of your day. Need help with note taking and remembering your assignments? Evernote (free) could be your new best friend. Are you always procrastinating until the last minute? Try Finish (free) which will remind you of important deadlines and due dates. Can’t stop trolling social media and need to get that paper finished? If you have an Android device, try Studious. It will help keep you focused through even the toughest assignments. Managing your academic and social life could be as simple as turning on your smart device.

Make Appointments With Yourself (and keep them!)
It’s important to not only be aware of both your academic and personal needs, but also your limitations. There are only twenty four hours in a day and overextending yourself is a surefire way to experience burnout before your first semester is even over. Decide what is important and triage your commitments accordingly. It is also vital to not forget the sole reason you are an undergraduate to begin with: to learn. Make your academic responsibilities a priority, but don’t forget to schedule in some time for rest and relaxation. Make appointments with yourself to go for a run, a walk, take a yoga class, hit the gym, or simply just read a book for pleasure. Scheduling time for yourself will help you approach all of your other activities with a calm state of mind and a positive and fresh perspective.

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