Time Management in college

Harry Manno is a senior at Central Michigan University, pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), majoring in Economics. He is a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma process quality and control. He is looking forward to graduation and taking the next big step toward grad school or the work force. A long life time goal of Harry Manno is to find a cure for schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, eradicating them. His hobbies include sports, particularly football and video games.

Time management in college is probably one of the most difficult aspects of attending college, think about it! Often on social media you will see different Meme’s pertaining of some-kind-of competing triangle pertaining to school. Social life will be sacrificed at the cost of good grades and lots of sleep or maybe grades will suffer to improved social life and sleep, it could be that a strong social life and good grades might exist but you would experience zombie like levels of sleep deprivation. There are many different decisions on how one might choose to spend their time in college. Working, clubs, maybe a fraternity or sorority, regardless these all take up time because they are commitments.
Picking a good schedule is really critical to time management. Not a morning person? Stay away from morning classes. My freshman year I worked at a casino where I would typically get home early in the morning. I was very naive as a fresh man and had the common thought that most do, and said “well I used to wake up at 6:00AM when I was in high school a year ago, if I get up at like 7:00 AM for class at 8:00AM, it would be like sleeping in!” It was advanced chemistry 4 days a week with a lab in Friday. To no one’s surprise I withdrew from that class, because my grade was terrible, as I was never in class learning the basic building blocks of chemistry. I wasted my time and money on that decision that I should have known better.
Know your limits! Not a strong math person? Get help, there is no shame is asking for help. Not everyone is that great at math and fortunately so. But math can be taught as long as you are willing to reach out and get the help that you need. It is much better than wasting time and struggling through the material and possible not doing that well in the class.
With lots of time consuming activities comes stress. This is without doubt one of the most stressful times of your life. It’s really important to find a relaxing hobby that you can do that is not drinking. It is important to know that stress is in contextual in that stress is different depending on the circumstance and depending on how bad you want to succeed. Succeeding as a fry cook might be more stressful than succeeding as a CEO if you want it enough. If you’re a CEO and you don’t really care that much about being the best in fact you really don’t care at all about how your company performs you might have a small amount of stress. Say you’re that fry cook and you want to be the best fry cook alive. You would have terrible stress. Granted this is rarely the case that CEO’s don’t care how they preform but it’s important to know that stress is created internally and it’s really important to manage it for your mental health and in order to be productive.
College is about learning lessons not just in academics. It gives you a glimpse at life on your own with limited responsibilities, enjoy that. Time management learned in college will carryover nicely to the real world. Being able to multi-task will be very beneficial to your personal life and your professional life after graduation.

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