Time Management in College

Time management is one of the most useful skills outside of the classroom that you will learn while at college. If you don’t learn time management, well, you probably won’t graduate or if you do manage, you’ll have a nervous breakdown somewhere along the lines. Neither situation is fun, so here are a few tips to figure out this valuable life lesson.
Know Your Course Demands First
Before you sign up for any clubs or extracurricular activities, go to the first round of classes. Gather all your course syllabi together and create a calendar that gives you the entire semester as an overview. Now plug in all tests, group projects, and assignments. Think about how long you will need to study for each subject, test and assignment. Jot down the hours per week. Then add 20% more to your initial guess. Compare that to how many hours there are in a day. Add in eight hours of sleep (yes seriously, eight hours). See how many hours out of the week you have left over. Go to class a few weeks and check out how many hours you really put in compared to how many you anticipated. This sounds like a lot of work, but it will save you during your first semester of school. Your stress level will be lower, you’ll feel more in control, and there will be a time when you feel ready to take on more with confidence that you won’t overwhelm yourself. If you do feel overwhelmed, cut something out of your schedule, fast.
Moderate Time Suckers
School is going to stress you out and you will need your downtime. Today TV, social media, or reading a book are all valid forms to help you relax, but make sure to moderate your time. Social media outlets should take a combined time of a half hour a day. Before you start, check the time, turn on the alarm on your cell phone, and let yourself happily click away. When your time is up, be serious about it and log out. Same can be said of TV or reading. Give yourself a normal amount of time and then know when to walk away to do something more productive.
Say No
You will be surprised at how many wonderful interruptions come along while you are at college. From your roommate wanting to order pizza and hang out, to the cute guy who wants your help studying, to that upcoming party, you will be tempted by fun over and over again. Make sure you find a balance and say yes when you really have time, and say no when you really don’t. Saying no is especially hard on women because we are socialized to be helpful and giving. Learn to be a powerful woman and say no when you need to without apology.

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