Time Management

My Name is Kimberly Kirby and I am currently a student at the Art Institute of California-Hollywood. I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation. I will be graduating in late December 2014. My ideal job would to be a 3D Modeler and to work for a television or animation studio. On my free time I enjoy good food, movies, workouts and music festivals

Time Management is a key skill to obtain once leaving high school and going out into the real world. Real world meaning getting a first job even if it is not the ideal one, going to college or a combination of both. Time Management is a skill that can be taught but it does take tons of practice in order for it to work perfectly or close to it. Even some students that I attend the university with now still do not have the concept and sometimes it seems like they are suffering sometimes because of the lack of skill in that department. I will be explaining some tips and how to use it in your daily life.
First, basic tip is to go buy a calendar; it can even be a cheap one that is bought at the 99 Cent store. Another option is to use the one that is on a mobile device for example an Iphone or Ipad. The point of the calendar is to write down the events for the week and the times of the events. Reasoning behind writing down the events is so that events are not overlapped and breaks can be given when need be. I still write down events in my calendar to this day because that is how I stay a float. Generally a combination of both my Iphone and the family calendar at home. Time Management is also a useful tool when it comes to being successful in school.
Teachers that I have had, also have us use calendars so that we can pace ourselves so that we finish projects in a timely manner. My teacher Mr. Bonitas, forces our classes use an online organizer which has gotten me far in school. Syllabuses are a blessing when teachers hand them out on the first day of class. Even if the syllabuses are edited later in the quarter or semester it is okay. Besides online organizers and syllabus’s using my intuition is my most used option. When it comes to work, time management is also a key skill.
When I worked at Wal-Mart I had the job of Overnight Support Manager which required time management skills and being a leader at the same time. I needed to be able to close the store at midnight and then help run the overnight shift. The assistant manager would give me notes every night that I needed to complete by the time I clocked into the morning. Being able to get the tasks done on time even if I needed to delegate some tasks to associates was pertinent to my survival in that job.
Overall, the skill of time management is an excellent skill to have, no matter what type of situation it is. Calendars, syllabus’s, lists, and intuition are key to the success. It is a busy world in the real world during high school and when a person steps out into the real world time management is a necessity.

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