Time management advice for students

A problem or excuse that is used often by college students is time. Every student has said at least once “I didn’t have enough time”. Time is universal and we all have plenty of it. What seems to be the problem with time is, balancing what needs to be done and what wants to be done. If the task at hand is of enough importance, time is easily made for it. To balance time, we need to make sure that the activities that need to be done have their own commitment towards them. Beginning with what every student does more days than not, sleep. We all know that time is uncontrollable and most of the time we have is spent in bed. Depending on the total hours of sleep you wish to obtain each night, the remaining hours is the primary focus. Obligations such as class, work, homework, athletics, clubs, or anything that you absolutely have to attend is part of a time frame that is mixed in with your time commitments along with sleep. These time commitments are of the “what needs to be done category” and should be set in stone in your daily schedule. Having commitments set in your schedule makes it easier to plan free time around those commitments. When a student already knows what needs to be done and has already accomplished it, there is no better feeling than being able to choose what you want to do with your free time. What each college student does in their free time is up entirely up to them and should not interfere with their obligations. If you want to work on being physically fit, part of your free time can include an hour at the gym (which could turn into a beneficial commitment) or participating in a sport. Free time cans be spent just with friends or family to get away from the hectic school life. As college students, we all know how boring and repetitive our commitments may be and being determined to a schedule that resolves around them is easier said than done, although the benefit of having what needs to be done already completed saves you some grey hairs in the future.

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