Tips for a Good Resume

Applying for jobs and internships takes a great resume. There are hundreds of formats out there and suggestions of ways that you should make your resume stand out to recruiters. It is also extremely important that you create a resume that stands out online.
With how much our world and work is done online a resume must stand out there as well. This means through creating resumes that hit on keywords that are typically in the descriptions of jobs that you are applying for. Tying them to the content that you put on your resume in a way that makes sense, will help search engines that weed out non-relevant resumes, skip over yours.
In addition to a resume with keywords that relate, it is necessary to use quantifiable support for your content. For example, in descriptions of certain aspects of previous jobs you can say:
• Oversaw a $_____ project for_____ amount of time
• Fundraising total of _________
• Created _____ campaigns that impacted _____ of our customers
By providing numbers to your back up your content, you are able to give some sort of substance and validity to what you are saying you have accomplished. Make sure that you are not being inaccurate with the data that you use. If you are unsure of exact numbers, it is better to have no data than wrong data.
In addition to creating support content for positions that you have held in the past, it is important to indicate your volunteer experience and extra-curricular activities. This is extremely important when you hold leadership positions in any of these areas. It is much better to have one or two organizations in which you were the president or vice-president of instead of five or six different organizations in which you were a member. This shows an employer that you are capable of dedicating your time to making a difference in something you are passionate about beyond your class load.
When finalizing your resume it is extremely important that you proofread, proofread and proofread some more. A spelling, grammar or punctuation mistake could be the difference between getting a job or not. If you do get an interview, it is even more embarrassing when they slide a copy of your resume across the table and they have a spelling mistake circled in bright red pen. Proofread your resume and have at LEAST one more set of eyes look over it as well.
When applying for positions a great resume makes all of the difference. You have to stand out effectively and tailor your resume to each position that you apply for.

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