Tips for a Great Bikini Shopping Trip

Shopping for a bikini just might be the most dreaded necessity of summer. After a long winter of holiday parties and eating warm comfort foods, few jump at the chance to stand basically naked in front of a mirror. It’s bad enough in the comfort of your own home, but going out in public to shop for a teeny tiny article of, well can we even call it clothing?, draws out your biggest insecurities. Use the following tips to make shopping for a bikini a bit less evil.

1. Plan to go shopping a week in advance. This way you have time to mentally prep about seeing your body so exposed. Practice a healthy and positive mindset throughout the week by affirming positive attributes about yourself. Whether it is your eyes, smile, or legs that you love, showing your body some love before judging it in a bathing suit is always a good idea. If you become discouraged once you get the suit on remind yourself of all the good things you have told yourself throughout the week. Also, a few days of healthy eating can have a big effect on your body image. Don’t starve yourself, but choosing a salad over a cheeseburger at lunch can help with your confidence going into the day.

2. Beat the rush. Shopping in the morning when looking for swimsuit is a great idea for a few reasons. First, there are likely to be less people in the store than compared to an afternoon or evening. This gives you plenty of space to look around at the store’s selection without getting stressed about how chaotic it is. This event is stressful enough, you don’t need to be battling 100 people just to reach the racks. Another reason shopping in the morning is good is because you look and feel lighter. By the end of the day you have eaten three meals and are more bloated from all the liquid you have consumed throughout the day. Your body really isn’t that different, but just the mindset that your stomach is flatter can help when it comes to looking at it in the mirror.

3. Find a style that compliments your body size and shape. Have shapely hips? Go with something that provides more coverage like a double string tie. Not a fan of your behind? No matter what your body looks like there is style that flatters it more than others. Take some time to try on multiple styles to find your best fit and stick with it.

In the end your body is the shape it is. The best key to having a good shopping experience to have confidence and not place all your self-worth in the size of your thighs. That can be super hard to do, but the tips above should help to make your day a bit more bearable.

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