Do long distance relationships work

My name is Aanchal Chugh and I am currently attending University of California-Berkeley.


If you really care about your partner and want to make your relationship work in college, it is going to take more effort than it did before. There will not only be distance between you but changes in both of your lives. You will be meeting new people, going to new places, and experiencing different things. It is important to keep your partner updated about your life so that the connection you shared before will still last. Here are a few tips on how to maintain a long distance relationship in college:

1. Skype

Make skype your best friend. Create a shortcut on your desktop. You will be using this a lot. Skype while you both are doing homework, use skype to introduce your partner to your roommates and floor mates, use skype to show your partner your room, etc. It is important to skype so that you can keep your partner updated on all the new experiences and people in your life, and so that you can see each other and be there to witness any changes you or your partner is experiencing.

2. Google Calendars

If you are both in college, you will probably have packed schedules. Even finding a time to skype might be difficult. If you both have Google Calendars you can sync them so that you can both see each other’s schedules. This way you know what class your partner is in, and what time they will be free. It is also a good way to keep your partner from worrying about you if you are not answering the phone or responding to a text. You can pencil in your skype dates with each other as well.

3. Surprise Gifts

A cute way to show your partner you care and are thinking about him/her is to send a cute gift through the mail! Sending them a sweatshirt from your college or even just a heartfelt card can make your partner’s day.

4. Surprise Visits

If you have the time and money, surprising your partner shows you really care and how much you miss him/her! This can be risky because you have to make sure your partner does not have a lot of work that weekend and your partner’s roommate is okay with you visiting but if you have all the necessary information, this could be a great surprise.

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