Advice for college graduates

I’m Pablo San Juan, I graduated in Audiovisuals in 2009, then I complemented my studies doing a degree in Advertising and Public Relations finished in 2013. While I was working after university in different internships and collaborations, I decided to do a Master in Digital Marketing and 2.0 Communication. Nowadays I work for an international company as part of their innovation and digital marketing department. Currently enjoying what I do and looking forward to do a new master in Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.\

Getting a job is always a challenge, especially if it is for the very first time. Different viewpoints are behind these alarming figures as companies do not trust on inexperienced graduates and there are few job opportunities and little recruitment in companies. Whatever the reason, when you try to get a first job that ends up happening: “You have no job because you are inexperienced and you do not have experience because you have no job.” What a dilemma.

It’s hard to be in a situation like this, which seems to be a dead end. But trust me, it has an end. So if right now you are in a similar crossroads as I was when I finished university, I would like to share some tips to consider if you are a recent graduate:

1 – Avoid comparing yourself to your friends. Did you hear about those colleagues who are employed in a super company? Try to stay calm. Professional experience is different for everyone; concentrate on your own process is more productive to be aware of others.

2 – Do not stop studying. It is common to notice that university has not prepared you 100% for work, so it is necessary to have a constant learning focused vision. Worry about acquiring additional skills that can be attractive and relevant to your profession.

3 – Compose a good resume. Include your professional skills, the internships you have done and your experience in social services. Focus on presenting a clear, brief and free of spelling mistakes curriculum. My personal advice is to have a clear and complete LinkedIn profile.

4 – Apply for jobs that you are qualified for. Do not waste time applying for jobs that do not fit your professional profile. At this point, you know what you want to do for a living.

5 – Have realistic expectations for your first job. Your first job may be far from what you imagined when you were a student. Concentrate on doing an excellent first job, learn and build relationships with professional experience. Things will be better soon.

6 – Give a good use of the Internet. It is the most powerful tool nowadays. Working websites, social networks, media and business corporate pages are an excellent source of information. Let me insist in how useful LinkedIn is!

7 – Do not attend an interview without having prepared. A job interview is one of the most drawn-out and intimidating ways of making first impression. There are basic rules to prepare for it. Taking the time to prepare will make the difference between you and the other candidates.

8 – Find value in your professional relations. You will have to build a professional social circle, which should include key people who may be helpful in your career.

9 – Take your time. Sign sooner your job search and take it seriously. If you do not find the job you want, you can take your time to take a course or do volunteer work.

10 – Do not despair. Good things are slow in coming and negative thoughts have no place in here.

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