Tips for college freshman

College is new, exciting, and difficult to navigate. I’m not talking about maps here. I’m talking about behavior and making good choices that will set you on the right path for the future.

Avoid all-nighters. Do a bit of studying each day to stay on top of your course load. Studying for exams should be a review of material you already know. You should not be looking at the material for the first time.

Get in a clique and avoid meeting new people. It is easy to gravitate to people that are like you. Take this opportunity to push your social comfort zone and spend some time with different groups of people.

Do not lock yourself away in your dorm room. Step away from the email, the Facebook, and Twitter. P Get out, and meet people, build friendships, and have new experiences.

Give up and go home. Stick it out at least through the first semester of your second year. If the place still isn’t working for you, then consider transferring. But first, give the place and yourself a chance.

Don’t waste your precious money. Save it to take interesting trips or reward yourself with a gift after acing an exam.

Don’t live on credit. Pay in cash where possible and keep tabs on your bank balance.

Eat bad foods. Bad foods are tasty and easy, but they should be a treat, not the norm. Give yourself one ‘bad food’ day each week. The rest of the time, stick to healthy, brain building foods.

Drink too much alcohol. Binge drinking is bad in so many ways. This is especially the case for young people. Take care of your brain and keep it nice and shiny. Your middle and old-age self with thank you for it.

As you know, college represents freedom, but it also represents opportunities for mistakes. Be smart and live as if your parents could see what you are doing (unless they are wilder and more crazy than you are, in which case, live as if your future children could see what you are doing. Take care of yourself and make good choices!

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