Welcome to college freshmen

I am a 27 year old African American inner city two time graduate. I work in the field of education; educating our young youth surrounding the cities of Bridgeport, CT as a Paraprofessional. I absolutely love my job! My second gig involves me working for a non profit organization called ABCD which runs and conducts the after school program here in my hometown. I specialize in Special Education, for the impaired and the handicap children. I originally wanted to be a music/theater arts teacher/performer. So far my higher up has placed me in the classroom with talented, humorous, sometimes forgetful, energetic fifth graders! My days are long, and I work very hard, the upside is I am giving back in abundance, the down side is I only get 7 hours of sleep out of 8. If this is as bad as it gets out of college, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

On making the decision to better your inner spirit, educate yourself and increase your monetary gain upon completion of graduating with a degree of your choice. College is an invaluable experience. This experience teaches you in abundance such things like: how to go the extra mile, how to push yourself, the different aspects of people and life, the inner circle of learning as well as teaching, the subject matter that explains our world and culture, most importantly it teaches you the academic equivalence to being on the field with having had hands on experience. College is, was, and remains the most important start of my adulthood. College not only graduated me from immature to mature, but, from inexperienced to experienced as well as handing me a degree that would be my golden ticket to hit the “advanced” line within my career. College will be a rememberable milestone in life. The best advice I would give to you and all others just entering would be, “pay close attention, be prepared, and be on time”!

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