Surviving first year of college

My name is Destini Rhone and I am recent graduate from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. I majored in Political Science with a minor in Business. College teaches you a lot of, life experiences as well as knowledge that you can be applied to the work force. However, college doesn’t necessarily prepare you for life after college.

I, specifically want to talk about post job plans or continuing education once you’ve graduated. I knew when I graduated from college I wanted to go to law school. I had many resources and networking opportunities to prepare for law school but, I didn’t have the time to take advantage of those resources. Unfortunately, I got so caught up in meeting all my deadlines to stay on schedule for my expected graduation date. I was taking 18+ hours a semester, working two jobs and working my internship. It seemed like there was no time for myself to do the necessary research or additional studying while applying to law school.
College is all about prioritizing, balancing and negotiating to help prepare yourself for the next steps in planning your career choice. I felt my senior year was rushed and my time was very limited. Time is something I felt I never had , no matter how hard I tried to manage my time, there never seemed to be enough to do it all. I recommend if there is a career field you want to jump right into after graduation, PLAN!! Don’t wait until your senior year to prepare for your future career. Start your focus/planning during your sophomore or junior year, whether that means taking an LSAT classes over the summer, writing your personal statements after weekend homework, or attending a few extra networking nights do it ahead of time. When your senior year rolls in you can enjoy it, stress free, your only job is to graduate.
Some people don’t necessarily know what they want to do post-graduation which is fine, that takes time, but while you are trying to figure it out, be mindful of time you do have. Don’t get so involved with other things whether, that’s your job, a relationship, or friends, make the time to get things done.
My overall message is to be proactive, you can’t predict the future and things come up, but because you are proactive, you are prepared for whatever is next. College is the absolute best experience in life you will ever have, enjoy every minute of it, but also keep in mind this is the season(chapter) that is going to prepare you for the rest of your life and every minute counts.

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