Things college freshman should know

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College is about getting the golden ticket which is your degree while making memories that will last you a lifetime. However, your first year of college is full of learning experiences. Some might say that it will make you or break but I believe that those moments help mold you into who you are.

Your first year of college you experience what it’s like being on your own without the safety net of living under your parents roof. You are seriously on your own. You are completely on your own without having to answer to anyone. Freedom. Some may take this as a pass to go completely buck wild however, you have a choice. The choice is learning self-control and how to live within reason. This means that you decided how far you are going to go and learning to make good decisions without having any authority over you.

Friendships. You will learn who your real friends are within your first year. You may come in and meet and group of friends and by the end of the year those dynamics are likely to change. However, you will be a couple of friends that you will remain friends with all throughout college and afterwards. My freshman year of college I met my very best friend. We met our second day of college and we instantly clicked. We ended up transferring to different schools but we have remained close and we talk to each other every day. Friends may come and go but in college you will meet someone that you will be lifelong friends with.

You will learn who you really are. You will experience moments when you feel like you have everything figured out or you know exactly what you want. But you will also have moments where you have no idea what path you’re on or where you’re headed. That is okay! College is about finding yourself and figuring out what you want. College gives you the tools and skills you need to reach for your full potential and destiny.

College is what you make it. Have fun! Socialize and meet people! Be active in clubs and organizations because that is one of the easiest ways to meet people. It’s great that you have your group of friends but branching out and meeting others is even greater. Networking is also important because you never know what opportunities or experiences it can bring you.

You make college one of the greatest experiences ever! Let it be something that you can’t wait to tell you children about. It comes with good and bad experiences but it makes you who you are. It brings to endless happiness and a possibility if you play your cards right but, the choice is up to you. The ultimate goal is to get your degree, make memories, and reach your potential! Whatever life leads you after college make sure that it you can look back and say you truly enjoyed yourself. The choice is up to you!

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