College survival guide

My name is Aaron Moorefield from the D.C., Maryland, Virginia metropolitan area and I am a strong believer in following your passion. Coming out of high school I didn’t necessarily know what I wanted to do or even where I wanted to go to school, but I had fun playing video games, math didn’t scare me and I was great with technology. Naturally, I decided to go for a computer science degree at my first school, a small private school in Florida where I played NCAA Division II lacrosse. As I went through my first semester everything went smoothly in my classes, except Calculus turned out to be a little tougher than I expected but I made it out alive. I was living the dream playing lacrosse in college in the sunshine state, but I felt like something was off in the back of my head every day when I was in my classes specifically on track for my computer science degree. I was engaged and facilitating discussion in my ethics class and nearly falling asleep while programming a basic game in my computer programming class. What I did next is ask a question I think every person in college, and even those who have graduated, needs to ask themselves at some point (the earlier the better): Where/who do I want to be in the next 5-10 years? The only reason I asked myself this question is because of the blessing in disguise that was my hamstring injury during my lacrosse season that made me realize my lacrosse career was NOT going to last forever, and that I needed to make a plan for my future. When I asked myself this vital question I realized I didn’t want to be that guy sitting behind a computer screen all day barely interacting with people just slaving away working for somebody else. Forty years would go by in the blink of an eye and I would feel dissatisfied and unhappy. And all this would be because I wouldn’t be doing what I was PASSIONATE about.
As an athlete I was extremely competitive, but I was also naturally charismatic and thrived in social situations. I thought about this as I was evaluating myself as a person and how I could utilize my natural skillset to do something I would genuinely enjoy and could put my heart into. This led to the realization that I wanted to end up in 10 years as a young professional who makes money talking to people. Granted, this is an extremely broad goal but it was a step in the right direction and that is all you need to get closer to being successful and happy. After my injury I transferred out of the school in Florida and went to a community college where I could change majors and take classes to experiment with what I was truly passionate about at a more reasonable price per credit hour. As expected, I was most interested in the business classes and graduated with an Associate’s Degree, and transferred to Towson University where I am currently studying to get my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Now I am on a career path that I truly enjoy and the hard work that I put in through whatever set back I know I will have a good time because I am following my passion and doing what I truly want to do.

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