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I am graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. My dream job would to be a food critic. I love to eat new foods that look good. I love to travel. I am currently working on an inspirational book that will hopefully be published in 2015 under Deena Jackson.

First, determine what companies possess mission statements that you agree with and can develop skills for a better job/career. Find out if the company is willing to hire within and what determines that a candidate already working could get a promotion. Also, know the area that is good for your field of study. Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are considered the research triangle area, so they have a lot of jobs in the science fields-biology, chemistry, etc. When leaving college make sure you have experience in your field either through an internship, part-time job, and/or a high GPA (no less than 3.5).
If you had to do certain projects in a course that is related to a job that you are applying for, put that on your resume. A counselor at your school can help you write a resume, your city department of labor, and/or you can research resume dealing with your field on the internet. In some cities if you are willing to pay they can help you write resumes in order to secure jobs, look under resume writing in the yellow pages. If you have work study try to get a job on-campus in your field. Some of these jobs are posted in the jobs section of the school website. Sometimes you have to find an internship in a different city.
Make sure you have the funds to complete the internship. Also, if you need to be paid realize what you need in order to live within that budget. Sometimes you can find internship within the city that your parents live and you can save on the cost of living. Make sure you understand your duties and you are willing to do those duties for the time specified before taking the internship. If you are not familiar with the town make sure you look on the city website and/or google it. You need to know if they provide public transportation if you don’t have a car. If you like the company that you interned with, ask if you stand a high chance of getting hired once the internship is completed.
Getting a job and standing out from other new graduate is harder to do when you don’t have the experience and/or good GPA. That’s when you might want to consider working part-time, volunteering in your field, and staying with your parents. You can save the money from the part-time job for your move expenses when you finally land a job in your field. The most important thing is saving up while you are staying in your parents’ home. You need to try to save at least three months of paychecks for emergencies. The most important thing is to realize the culture that you are comfortable working in whether it is casual, professional, fast-paced, etc… I encourage learning about your personality through different tests to understand what you likes and dislikes are so you can understand what jobs would suit you. Don’t continue in a field if you are not passionate about it.

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