Surviving your first year of college

Glenda Sanchez is currently a junior at Hofstra University who is majoring in Sociology and Political Science. Glenda hopes to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work and later on in life will be going into politics. Glenda is a Gates Millennium Scholar cohort 2013. Glenda’s interests include: reading, writing, music, and mentoring.

College is all about finding balance. Between classes, homework, a job, social life, clubs and volunteering, where does one find time to actually get a full 8 hours of sleep? I have been in college for just 3 semesters and what keeps me sane are the naps in between classes. A full 8 hours of sleep is something that was possible up until senior year in high school.

But reality is in order to survive college and accomplish all the goals that we have set our minds on; we must learn to balance. So how does one fit everything we needs to and would like to get done into a 24-hour day?

A planner and a To-Do list are the essential tools to organizing your time better. Visually organizing and putting all the assignments, meetings, and everything else that we are responsible down on paper helps to keep us on track with deadlines. Using a planner allows us to write down how we would like to go about our day and panning the week ahead.

When putting together a To-Do list class assignments and projects should remain on the top of the list. Also, make sure you write down work/internship hours and days and the club/organizations meetings that are weekly and cannot be missed or postponed. Once the academic and career related responsibilities, it is essential to make time for the social aspect of college. This could be clearing out the schedule for a Friday afternoon or night to just go out in town or meet up with friends.. I know something that I usually did not make time for until this semester was time for family, if you live close to school. I know that while classes are essential we only think about out life on campus and may sometimes push aside our family. But family time helps in reliving someone stress and for those who are too busy or live too far from home this is where technologies can help build a bridge of communication with family. Maybe once a week you could set aside an hour or so to Skype or Face Time or simply a phone call home to check on how everything and everyone else is doing. Getting in a workout in our schedules is a workout in itself. No matter how busy are week can be throughout the semester it is a smart idea to remember to take care of our health and body. Even if its 5-10 minute workout it will help you stay in shape or just feel healthy.

It is hard to think of how we, as students, are even able to have so much on our plate and get it all done while maintaining a high GPA, staying healthy, keeping in touch with family and friends, and already getting step into our future career while also working. Although each student has different activities to fit into their day and schedule in general, the most important thing is to maintain a balance.

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