Going to college tips

Courtney Lynch and is currently a student at Full Sail University in the Creative Writing Bachelor’s program. She is an aspiring writer who wants to write novels and for T.V. and movies. Courtney has a great desire to work with Vin Diesel, Steve Burton, and Kelly Monaco.

As a college student for the first time or returning student here tips to keep you happy. The first thing all students should is a look at your class schedule and your assignments and see what days everything is due. After you do that then pick a day during the week when all your will be done before your due date. Oh it’s always good to have a study buddy plus another person who can look over your work. Once your works is done then pick a day to go out and enjoy yourself. This could be your reward to yourself. Everyone also needs to build a support system. Everyone also needs to build a support system. You should also get into some free activities like yoga and kickboxing to be active.

Students should join groups at their school dealing with their major. I’ll use myself as an example; I’m currently a student at Full Sail University as Creative Writing Student. I’m going for my bachelor’s degree. My method of practicing my craft is writing a lot of fan fiction. I’m also journaling all my original ideas so I can create them into an original piece of work. Every student should at the very start of their program building a portfolio with their best pieces of work. As student by doing this you will be able to see the growth in your own work that is done. As student to you really need to journal your feels down anyway you can so you’re not holding everything in. Every student has something to share and they need to find what works for them.

Every single student needs to make a plan and have a system on how they are going to complete their work. If everyone had their system they will make passing grades. You’ll see the difference in the students who have a plan and support system and those who don’t. Students should also work very closely with their teachers and never be afraid to ask questions. Oh always be on time and try to never miss a class. Please take a lot notes in your classes they will help you. Having s balance work ethic will keep you from being depressed and stress out. Students should get jobs. Students should do a lot of internships in their field of study. They should also look for a mentor in their field of study.

Students have great minds and need some mentoring and guidance to find the right path. Panning everything out can help but realize sometimes not everything goes to plan. As students we are trying to better our craft everyday. We want be able to inspire and help everyone. We try better the technology and cars, everything we have to make it easier. As students we are forever learning and we keep learning new things. We create new goals for the next generation. Every generation has something to offer the world. The world is a big place and we have a lot of technology and creators and mentors out in world. The planning for students is most important to be successful in anything not just school.

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