Advice for new college freshmen

My name is Shard’a Sykes, writing has always been a passion of mine. I am a Mass Communication major. Every aspect of Mass Communication interests me from television, radio, and journalism. I also am an actress and model. My ultimate goal is to graduate and get started in my career field. I want to work behind the camera and microphone as well as be in front of them. I love to learn about anything. I believe learning is a big part of life and should be embraced. I love to have fun because life is too short to not do what you enjoy and to be around those you love. I encourage others because I know we all need someone on our side no matter what happens in our lives. I value family and friends and feel everyone should be treated with love and respect. One day I plan to run my own broadcasting agency for both television and radio. Have you ever wondered what could be harder than being a college student? I have an answer…NOTHING! There is absolutely nothing more difficult than being a college student. There are so many things that contribute to the stresses of being a college student for example, the pressure of staying afloat with your hardest class just barely trying to get a passing grade. Dealing with that feeling of no matter how much you study you still cannot understand the material. After pulling your hair out trying to figure out what you’re reading you finally cave and go to see a tutor. As you are approaching study hall you suddenly smell the perspiration of other students in the same situation that you are in because finals are vastly approaching. Because there are so many students your tutor cannot devote too much time to one student because everyone needs help. Do not panic! That’s the worst thing you can do. Just take one hour every day and study for each class that you have. I know you hear it all the time from your professors but it really does help. Cramming will only allow you to remember enough for just that one test and it will be stored in your short-term memory so that means you haven’t learned anything you just remembered it for the moment. That’s not what college is for; you are paying to be there so get all of your money’s worth out of the experience. Retaining information is one of the many struggles college students go through but let’s not forget the personal struggles too. Some of us do not come from the best homes or do not have the best support systems and are doing this college thing all alone. That too can throw anyone off their great studying habits. Not only that but just like LL Cool J, we need love. Thinking about that argument that you and your boyfriend/girlfriend got into right before that big assignment is due doesn’t help much either. As hard as it may be no matter what life throws at you always remember to stay focused. All it takes is one wrong move and everything that you worked so hard for is gone. Even though you want to go to that party because you are so overwhelmed with homework and tests don’t do it just yet. Wait until the semester is officially done then you can indulge because you earned it and you deserve some fun. It’s easy to allow your surroundings and everything going on around you to distract you from your goals and plans. However, it takes patience and self-discipline to stay on target and to graduate. You want to be the best you that you can be. College is not easy nor is it a nice walk in the park on a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon, but it is worth it in the end when you walk across that stage and say I did it. There is not better feeling than knowing you have made your own dreams come true. That feeling of empowerment is like no other. You feel that you can conquer anything because you can. You have the ability to inspire others because not everyone’s journey is the same but we all have one common goal. I say all of this so that the next time you see your classmate struggling with their head hung low and their face scraping the ground, lift them up. Help them carry their broken neck and glue their face back together because with the help of one another everyone’s dreams can come true.

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