Survival tips for college students

By Satish Rajkumar

Pain, we’ve all been through it, dealt with it and it comes in many forms. Whether it’s a break up, not getting into your dream school or simply falling and scraping your knee on the pavement. Pain isn’t the most delicate subject but it is very common and can do more damage than you think. Personally I’ve through some pain here and there but I mean who hasn’t. Pain changed my life drastically but then again if it weren’t for the approach I took to handle that pain I may have ended up in a darker place than I am right now. Like I said before pain comes in many forms, it can just dwell on you to your breaking point like the passing of a loved one or it can be temporary such as that of ACL tear. Now, I’m no professional and its not like I can give you the secret formula to dealing and accepting that pain but I try to reach out to you by telling you my pain and how I’ve dealt with it to help me get through it. Now you may say, but I didn’t go through that, my situation may be worst or my situation isn’t that bad but pain is pain and dealing with different forms of pain all comes down to the same solution. The pain that I went was not getting accepted into my dream university. Its hard accepting the fact that I worked so hard and did everything according to what the university required me to do to be an ideal student for them to choose. But in life, everything happens for a reason and it’s a really hard chose to accept that. It took me half of my senior year and some of the summer to accept the fact that I didn’t get what I wanted and worked so hard for. But that’s probably the hardest part of the pain process, accepting that reason for pain. After you accept that fact, after you get that little insight on why something happened then everything after that becomes easier. I’m also not saying that everything is going to be dandy and your life will be well off because that’s not true at all. Because even after you accept pain, a little bit of it, the smallest but most impactful part of that pain stays with you forever and that’s ok. Because believe it or not, that little piece makes such a big difference in your life, that little bit becomes your motivation, your ambition, and the reason to why many people are successful. Pain pushes you in ways you never thought of, and it also helps you work harder than you have ever had too. And to be very honest, pain has pushed me to be a hardworking, better and more dedicated person than I thought possible. So whenever you feel pain, try to embrace it, try to accept that fact that whatever happens, happened for a reason. Then try to use that as motivation cause trust me when I say this, there is no better motivator than the pain of failure.

Tips for going to college 

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