Freshman tips for college

My name is Luke Nelson I’m from Holden Beach,North Carolina. I’m currently enrolled as a junior at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke majoring in Mass Communications Broadcasting. I’m the historian and public relations chair of the North Carolina Epsilon Colony of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity along with the Sports Producer for Carolina News Today and the President of National Broadcasting Society. In addition to my many duties on campus I’m an a huge San Fransisco Giants baseball fan. I have a passion/hobby for bodybuilding/weightlifting, nutrition and sports in general.

College is an opportunity for anyone to greater themselves and to strive for the career of their choice. There are challenges that can help you develop into who you want to be. However, it can end all career goals if you are not attentive to your studies as much as going to that party that everyone is talking about.
Freedom is endless in college no matter where you go to school. During your free time you will discover things about yourself that you wish you had known in high school. You will meet friends that you will stay in touch with for the rest of your life. College is a time for you to be you and to use your personality to get a college degree. While in college you will discover a career that you are passionate about. When you find that career you will have the ability to create your own road to success. This road will have many obstacles in your way and things won’t run the way you had planned. You will fail many times, but it is how you recover from your failure that truly makes you a successful student and person.
There will be many instances where you want to give up and quit school. This is where your peers and teachers will lend a helping hand to support you. You can’t just think about it and say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’; you need to take action and not put it off. If you keep pushing it to the next day you will end up forgetting about it until the last minute. For example, if you are struggling in Psychology and haven’t been getting the help that you need for an exam that is tomorrow. Chances are you will create unneeded stress and it will end up ruining your week or even your semester. Procrastination occurs daily for college students and it can bring a lot of stress that could’ve been avoided with some initiative of planning.
A physical calendar will solve many issues of planning. Events that you have scheduled or any changes that have happened to your schedule, need to be noted in your calendar. You do not want to be that student who tells a professor you will attend his or hers office hours and blow it off with a trip to Starbucks because you forgot about it. Prioritize your calendar, if you have a meeting with an organization you just joined and bowling with a buddy at the same time, tell your buddy you can’t make it and re-schedule. These are tips that may seem obvious, but you will be surprised with the amount of students who blow off a great opportunity for success, and instead hang out with their friends.
Another tip about college is to get involved with your school. Find clubs and organizations that you’ve enjoyed from high school or would like to get involved with. This involvement will give you leadership, social, and many other skills that will help you succeed in the future. However, you do not want to get too involved that you can’t balance your schoolwork. If you ever run into an overload situation, you need to weigh out what will benefit you the most and help others along the way.
This advice and many other tips that you will learn in college will help you find a career that you want to pursue in a way that is successful and a way that you enjoy.

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