Good advice for college freshmen

I am a senior at Georgia College studying mass communications with specific interests in public relations, advertising and event planning. After graduation, I hope to secure a job that incorporates all three of these elements. I am an active member in Zeta Tau Alpha, PRSSA and Spectrum PR. Aside from balancing work, school and my busy social life, I love to play tennis, paint and bake in my free time.

Four years seems like forever – four years of new friendships, old friendships, new classes, new housing, and new opportunities. It is the new friendships that spark from the person who sits next to you in Calculus and the old friendships that re-kindle at a home football game. It is having a new class schedule every semester, not knowing what to expect or what terrible teacher you will happen to get paired with. It is experiencing new housing, whether it is a single-spaced dorm room for privacy or that desired three bedroom apartment with its own kitchen for cooking. It is being immersed in new opportunities, from having a new job or receiving that competitive internship.

From the first moment that any individual walks onto their future college campus, they are simply speechless at the memories and experiences that lie in the years ahead. The initial feeling automatically overwhelms you and comes above any other kind that was felt during high school. College is a brand new beginning. It is a chance to make a new name for yourself, to do something you have never done before and to grow and love life more than you ever thought was possible. There is no better feeling knowing that it will become your home away from home.

Looking back on my years in college, there truly is no wrong way to live it. Everyone experiences it differently and puts their time and efforts where they find to be the most worthwhile. However, regardless of how it is lived, it surely does not last forever. The saying that parents reiterate thousands of times during these four years – “College years are the best four years of your life” – remains ever so true.

Each year is completely different from the last. Some days seem to drag on for months, where others seem to disappear within the blink of an eye. You wake up and wish you could completely experience a day over again, simply because it is one that you do not want to let go of. You fail multiple times, but you learn and mature even more.

Whether you start freshman year by joining a sorority or fraternity, get involved with SGA or the Campus Activities Club, delve right into your major and future goals or simply just work on branching out to meet new people, do not ever take these moments for granted. Every moment builds on the last and will only enrich and improve your college experience.

If you are in a fraternity or sorority, be dedicated to your chapter and its mission; however do not be afraid to befriend members of others. Be enthusiastic and driven with your grades and future goals, but do not let it overwhelm you to where you miss out on other aspects of college. Meet every person that you can and thrive in relationships that challenge you and encourage you to be better than the day before.

College is one of the best times of your life – it comes and it goes. Make it one worth remembering.

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