Freshman in college

Cameron Malone- Undergraduate at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I’m a junior studying Supply Chain Management with a collateral in Marketing. I am well rounded and love meeting new people. “Who says the world isn’t a great place” -Unknown​

College is a place where many individuals take the opportunity to embrace and experience many different things. The opportunities can range anywhere from learning new cultures to meeting new people. I would heavily encourage any and every one to attend college. Even if it is a community college you are pursuing, go for it. There are a multitude of colleges and universities waiting for bright individuals like you. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. My first year at University of Tennessee was everything I expected but more. I was honored with the chance to meet new people and learn their cultures as well as pursue an education and take in valuable information that I will later on use in the future. Not only did I have friends that helped me along the way but amazing professors and assistants.
When I say college is full of resources, I mean you can find just about whatever it is you may need to be great and become very successful. They are employed workers that will help anyone find their right career match. I believe is all about reaching out and asking questions. When I first made it to UT, there was a wise young man that spoke to me and gave me words of wisdom, he said, “Your network is your net worth.” Meaning the more I could make connection with other people that are willing to help me become successful, the more those particular individual would steer me into becoming wealthy or as simple as finding the job that would best excite me. From that point on, I never forgot those words and I have made it my duty to meet as many people as possible.
It is not every day you hear a person say I’m furthering my education for my family. Most, students come to college with their minds set on becoming a better person for their own benefit. Take me for example, before I graduated from high school I knew I wanted further my education, now with that being said I made every effort to communicate with my counselors and advisors. Of course, they steered my in the right direction and help me get started on my search. Not only were they helpful in helping with my search but they went beyond measures and insist that I apply for scholarships and grants, so I did. After completing multiple scholarship applications, I were awarded a few and got accepted not to one college, nor two, but all the colleges and universities I applied to. It all was the result of me wanting to continue my education on my own and take measures in my own hands.
Nevertheless, college was a great choice for me. Many memories were made and new material was learned. College gives me the motivation to finish and earn my degree. Just by being enrolled full-time and making it this far, (currently a Junior), have I reached many goals and set new ones. Above all, I am enjoying it all and having the time of my life.

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