Tips for students

Born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Was the first of may family to go to school in America. Graduated from John Carroll University with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Work for Redwood Living as a Leasing Agent. Love to dance, hang out with friends and cook. Favorite movie is Lion King and Little Mermaid.

Many people say that college will forever be the best years of your life. I found this to be right. For me college was the place where I found myself, who I wanted to be. The struggles, experience and triumphs I had along the way were the stepping-stone to the person I am now. Freshman year, for me, was the hardest of them all. Everything was new. I moved from Puerto Rico to a small university in University Heights, OH. The first weeks I felt like it was the biggest mistake of my life, little did I know it was the best decision I have ever made. I was homesick and it seemed like everyone had paired off into groups and I was all alone. Still I had a little bit of hope and prayed for friends. What I didn’t know is that freshman year everyone wants to be your friends, especially if you’re from a different country. All I had to do was approach them and talk. Classes were another struggle, at least 8am classes were. I figured I wake up for school at 6am in high-school, 8 am classes will be super easy. I could not have been more wrong. I would go at sleep at least at midnight and wake up 15 minutes before class. My favorite part of the day was dinnertime. All my friends and me would all meet at the cafeteria and talk about our day. We would spend hours at that table; it was like we were a family. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays were probably one of the craziest nights of my life. When I think about it now I do not know how I walked for so long just to go to a party that I knew would get busted. But them I remember of all the laughs and memories I made while walking to those parties. Many times the walk was more fun than the party in itself. Freshman year is the stepping-stone for the other years to come. You test your limits, make memories, act crazy and for the first time ever you feel like you rule the world. You do not have parental supervisor, just RAs who sometimes take their job a little too seriously. It the year you meet friends who make you realize things about yourself you never knew. It’s the year you have a taste of freedom and many times you abuse the power. But that’s normal; just remember to make sure you still got o class, no matter how bad the hangover is. Its freshman year, you feel it blew by but at the same time you cannot wait for the next years to come.

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