Tips for freshman

My name is Savannah Gee and I am a senior at Saraland High School. I am in all Advanced Placement classes and involved in extracurricular activities such as National Honor Society, Leo Club, FBLA, FCCLA, Yearbook Committee, Diamond Dolls, Technical Honor Society, First Priority, Spanish Club, Mu Alpha Theta, and the Miss Saraland High School pageant. Some of my achievements this year have been receiving a Regional Scholarship from the University of Southern Mississippi, being voted Miss Congeniality in the Miss Saraland High School pageant and starting a prom dress drive for under privileged girls at my school. My hobbies include reading, shopping, dancing, and hanging out with friends. I will be attending the University of Southern Mississippi this fall.

College. The turning point of every young adult’s life. It is the moment we realize we have officially gown up. No more teachers coddling us and making sure our work gets done. No more lockers, waiting in mile long lines for school lunches, but most importantly no more dependency. It is now time for our independent nature to shine through and for us to truly find ourselves as a person. As an upcoming college freshman, the possibility of me becoming an actual adult is exciting but also at the same time scares me. I have always been told I am mature for my age, along with other things, but that is going to be tested in college no doubt. Maybe it is just me but does anyone else feel like they are or were extremely unprepared for college. Whether I am over or under estimating, reality will soon set in, in the fall. For those of you who are reading this and are already in college, my deepest apologies for my anxiety goes to you. As a right now, I feel about three inches tall when thinking of stepping foot on a college campus with those who are far more experienced than I. Meeting new people is not a worry on my mind because of, as my mother would put it, my “talk to a brick wall” personality. It is the college courses and the horrific stories of professors that have been planted in my mind due to scheming but realistic college alumni. The more optimistic side of my mind is telling me that they were trying to be helpful and give me a spoonful of the truth but all I was given was a big dose of fear. Nonetheless I believe deep down I can handle it. I mean never say never right? It’s just hard to believe that my five foot three self will be categorized with those of the roaring age of twenty one. It is not all negative though so please excuse the first half. Greek life has always played a major role in my aspirations as well. My oldest sister was a Chi-Omega and since the vulnerable age of seven I have wanted nothing more than to continue on what she implanted into our family. With eyes as big as the moon, my sister would sit me down and go through her yearbook evaluating each and every fraternity and sorority. Who was who and who dated who and who not to talk to, stuck with me forever. These souls would definitely be long gone by the time I got there but nevertheless I took my sister’s advice. That honestly excites me the most about college; a new beginning. The idea of starting over and truly finding myself is one that gives me butterflies. The best advice I can give to anyone that is going into or is already in college is this: Be the true individual that you are meant to be. Forget what high school has conformed you but just be yourself. That is what this is all about in the end.

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