My freshman year of college

I am Antonio Thundy and over the course of my college career I have taken courses in economics, psychology, business computer science and it really took me a couple of years to get the hang of what I wanted to do when I graduated. So, I decided to take a broad range of courses and become a well-rounded individual to separate myself from other candidates. Thus far I have achieved my business foundations certificate from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, which is a top five business school in the country, switched my major to computer science because of the high demand for individuals with computer skills who have a great understanding and ability to write and read computer languages and can also code. In addition I have studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science, which is one of the most prestigious universities in the world just to really gain more knowledge about the economy on an international scale.
I would have to say studying at the London School of Economics was one of the most important decisions I decided to make thus far in my academic career because of the important emphasis employers and graduate schools alike place on having intern and educational experience abroad. Studying and working abroad in another part of the world has been highly emphasized in particular the last five years or so, so I felt getting an education abroad after my junior year of college was more important than taking an internship in the United States. I highly recommend studying abroad because it really does separate you from other candidates with similar educational backgrounds and grades and can be the deciding factor on getting the job of your dreams. When I was studying abroad I met some fantastic people from other parts of the world, learned how to adapt to the learning styles in another country, which greatly differed than those in America, and it helped me adapt to a new environment. I was alone, only knowing a few people, and it really forced me to get out there and meet and network with new friends and colleagues. I would not trade this experience for anything and highly recommend studying abroad, if it’s financially in your grasp. While abroad, I was able to travel to Amsterdam, Switzerland, Belgium and it was fantastic. Even though I was only in London and Europe for six weeks, I was able to gain a great idea of life in another part of the world.
I enjoyed studying in Europe so much I have strongly considered living in Europe after I graduate from Indiana University this year. I have a very diverse background, I am a member of Phi Sigma Kappa, where I was elected Vice-President of my pledge class and also a member of Youth Advocating Learning and Leadership, which is a student run organization that travels to help those in need across the country and even internationally. One of the greatest projects I was apart of was rebuilding houses devastated by Hurricane Katrina. It was shocking to see the amount of damage still evident even though it took place so many years ago.

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