Tips starting college

By Desmond Reid

College, a place for new opportunities and new experiences and enjoy life. This is a time to really set the foundation for the rest of your life. How you want people to perceive you in the business world, college is the perfect time to lay down some ground work for your future. You have to understand where you are and where you want to be.
What is college all about? Why do we initially even go to college? Is it because we really want to? Did our parents force us? Or is society forcing us to go if we want a decent paying job. Yes the statement stands true to college isn’t for everyone. But why is that really? Is it because they really have no desire or they just really don’t need college.
Me being a current college student I have came up with my own conclusion to why they say you should and should not attend college. College definitely provides a scholarly atmosphere. Each student is there for one purpose and that is to get an education, based on that you all have something to relate to. Next the activities colleges have to offer. Most of the activities and organizations college students join have some relation to their preferred future occupation. This gives the college student a second opportunity to apply what they have learned in class and use it towards something fun and entertaining. If it doesn’t relate to their majors picking up a new interest or new skill can always be beneficial towards your future.
Now for those that don’t want to attend college, yes in my opinion it may be a little harder to achieve goals, but I definitely am a strong believer in whatever you set your mind to you can accomplish. College operates around one thing. That one thing is a book! Books have everything you need to succeed. The only problem is most of the time when we read, especially books we are not knowledgeable on it may be a little harder to comprehend. So who do these people turn to? You turn to the people that are in the field of your chose for advice. Jobs definitely don’t hire you if you don’t have a college education. Strangely I see not going to college as it for a perfect outlet to perfect on your crafts and entrepreneurship. But you have to remain focused on your craft, which most people get unfocused. I said that all to say, you can have a successful life without going to college, but it definitely is harder verses going to college. College just makes it easier to get to the things you need.
Many have the assumption that their lives begin after they leave college. No, this is false. The only thing that is different once you leave college is the pages have changed and a new chapter has started. Each step of your life is just a continuation of the previous step.

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