Tips for freshmen girls

Emily Pfaltzgraff, 21 years old

Third Year at The University of Cincinnati

Studying Marketing and Fashion Design

            Coming into college, your life is about to change a whole lot. You will most likely be living on your college campus, living with strangers, having classes with strangers, but having the best four years of your life. When people say to enjoy these days like they’re your last, they were dead serious. As a third year in college, it’s definitely flown by faster than I thought. I can still remember the day I was moving into my dorm two years ago. These days fly faster than you think and you can’t take any of these days for granted because you will never get them back.

Since I’ve been experiencing college for a while now, it’s safe to say I know the dos and don’ts when it comes to acing these four years. First of all, get involved on your campus. I know you may think you’re going to be busy 24/7 and won’t have time for anything, but trust me you will have plenty of time. The great thing about getting involved is meeting a bunch of people whom you probably would have never met if it weren’t for this organization. Remember, it’s never too early to start looking at internships or jobs; internships boost your resume like no other. Also, there are a lot of free activities on campus, take advantage of those. Another great thing about most college campuses is having free tutoring centers. College is definitely not a breeze, believe me. Getting extra studying time is ideal in college. Also, when taking notes in class, I would suggest recopying them post-class or at least re-reading them just to get another glance at them. Another thing that’s most important in college is to focus. I know these days everyone gets distracted with cell phones and social media, but you must pay attention in class to fully understand everything. Once you’ve finished your homework and studying, you can do whatever your heart desires, but do not procrastinate; that is one of the hardest things to not do in college and it’s a terrible habit. Remember, education is your #1 priority at this time. These four years will determine and shape your future, so you must focus and prioritize 110%. Another great priority is getting enough sleep. I know everyone loves sleeping; believe it or not but getting enough sleep and getting a balanced diet is a must and can definitely alter your performance in class. You need to take care of your body; your success depends on it. You must participate in your classes and actually attend every single class to be successful. Skipping class is a very easy habit that you don’t want to start.

Now, everyone expects to maybe, possibly, hopefully find their significant other/prince charming in college, right? Yes, it is possible. Although don’t get your hopes up; it may happen, it might not. But don’t fool yourself thinking that every guy you date is “the one”. Remember there are a lot of fish in the sea. When thinking of what kind of fashion clothing people wear during college, I’d say I see a lot of workout gear, but if you’re one to dress up all the time and not look like you killed it at the gym every day, that’s fine as well. Trying to fit in a workout time between classes can be difficult, but it’s very possible to get in and out of the gym and back to your busy schedule. Easily, you can pack a bag of your workout essentials, including items that will make you presentable quickly and easily. As you can see, there are a lot of things to remember in college. It is by far a completely different atmosphere than high school, and you will be able to tell on your first day. Always remember though, take a breath and relax. You will be fine. Like I said before, these four years are the best to come, and you will want to take advantage of every single day and enjoy it while it lasts.

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