Tips for Growing Your Hair

If you’re anything like me, you go through bouts where you cut your hair on a whim then wait for-EVER for it to grow back. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with fast-growing hair like my friend Eva, for example, who seems to need to trim her luscious dark locks every month. I have tried a few things that seem to do the trick and that are affordable for any college student on a budget. Check them out and see which one works for you!

The first piece of advice that my hair stylist tells me every time is to be sure to get a trim (just a tiny bit, even) every six to eight weeks. Trimming your ends helps refresh your hair, get rid of split ends and accelerate hair growth. It might seem like a daunting thing in the midst of your trying to grow your hair, but believe me, you are truly keeping your hair growth from reaching a dead end as it grows.

Pre-natal vitamins and biotin have always been suggestions for aiding hair growth. They help fill the vitamin gaps in our daily diets and help strengthen and thicken hair, too. The vitamins that do the trick include iron, vitamin D, zinc and B-complex vitamins.

You can get these same vitamins through your diet, too. Egg yolks, chicken, lentils and spinach are all fabulous sources of iron. Iron helps carry oxygen to hair in the blood, promoting hair growth. Salmon, mushrooms and grains provide lots of vitamin D as does healthy doses of sunlight. Vitamin D helps hair follicle cycling, which is simply the phases that hair goes through in its production. Some researchers have even found that a lack of vitamin D causes hair loss. Zinc is a hair-growth mineral that many of lose through heavy sweating during exercise. Meat and poultry contain zinc, but oysters have been found to contain the most. Beans, nuts and whole grains are also great sources of zinc. So especially if you like to work out, be sure you get our daily dose of zinc through supplements or your diet.

Hot oil treatments may sound like a thing of the past, but they have been shown to help stimulate hair growth effectively with weekly application. Instead of heating the oil, which can damage hair, however, massage the oil into your scalp for about twenty minutes then place a hot wet towel around. The heat will open up the pores, allowing the pores in your scalp to absorb the oil more easily. When the towel cools, apply a new hot, damp towel for another hour. Apply the oil about two hours before bed then rinse with a mild shampoo.

Prevention is also a sound tip when trying to grow hair. If you do more damage than good to your hair with lots of heat, product and rough handling, you might be breaking your hair more than you think and keeping it unhealthy in the process. Be sure to use cleansing shampoos that gently clean hair without stripping it of its natural oils and limit curling irons and flat irons if possible. If you can’t live without your heat-styling tools, use a product that helps protect against heat and apply according to the instructions.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of having longer, healthier hair in no time!

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