First year college experience

My name is Aanisah Cleare and I am a recent graduate from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. I have completed a B.A. in Sociology, a minor in Communications, and the Women’s Studies Certificate. I grew up in South Florida and I wanted to continue my education in the Sunshine State. These past four years are the most bitter-sweet years of your life where there are as many downs as ups. This is the period where you are finding out who you are the transition from a teenager to a young adult. You discover your likes, your dislikes, what you are good at, what you are bad at, and juggling many responsibilities.
My first piece of advice to incoming freshman or even students enrolled in college is to ask yourself this very important question that will help you discover your path. The question is what does success mean to you? Success for some could mean making a six figure salary. To others it may mean enjoying what you study and work. Maybe it means making a difference in someone else’s life. Study what you love and do what you love! Follow your passion and interests because it will bring out the best in you. If you aren’t sure about what you want to study it is okay. This is the period of trial an error. Even if you think you know what you want to study, you may take the initial courses and realize it isn’t what you want to do. It is a learning process so be patient.
Originally I went to school for nursing and while taking the prerequisite courses I realized that this did not interest me. Sociology was a course that was required in my freshman year. I found that I was interested in the subject. It challenged my thinking and developed my critical thinking skills, and created strong opinions and stance on particular subjects. To me success means to do what you love to do while making a comfortable salary.
My second piece of advice is to learn time management. Create a schedule and try your best to stick to it! It is important that you learn time management in college. It is not like a typical nine hour day in an institution going from classroom to classroom every hour. Make sure you dedicate adequate study time for each of the classes you are taking. The normal classes per semester are four classes. When you are starting out make sure you do not take more that you can handle. This will lead to burn out and potentially bad grades that you may not have received if you took a comfortable course load that you need to learn to get adjusted to. Time management will test your responsibility. Remember that these four years of your life will set you up for better opportunities. The concerts and the parties will always be there. It is okay to have time to unwind but pay attention and put forth your best effort for your success.
So the two key points are to study what you enjoy and manage your time foe effectiveness. These are two great tips for your journey as a college student.
Best of Luck,
Aanisah Cleare

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