Tips for Online Dating

Online dating is becoming more and more popular. But just because a relationship may start online doesn’t mean there aren’t some simple ground rules you should be aware of for optimal success. Here are some tips to help you find “the one” online:

Don’t send one-word messages like “hey” or even “how’s it going?” Take the time to read the other person’s profile and see if there’s anything on there that jumps out at you as interesting or compelling enough to message them. The men I typically respond to are the ones who ask me probing questions into what I mentioned in my profile

No selfies. This may seem strange given how popular selfies are, but to me they seem vain and like you have no friends to take pictures of you doing things.

Remember the reason why you’re on a dating website- to MEET people, not to chat the entire time online and never see if you have chemistry in person. I quickly lose interest in men who keep asking me questions about what I do for a living, my interests, what I do for fun and/or on the weekends, etc. over the messaging system or text message instead of find out over a drink or coffee.

The first time you meet may be considered by some as a first date, and for some it’s considered just meeting. Either way, when a guy makes me pay the first time I get a little taken aback. So make some ground rules. Are you inviting me out to meet over a drink or coffee or inviting me out to meet over dinner? I have paid for my drinks in the past when I wasn’t sure. To me, if I’m being a lady and making an effort to make conversation with you, then I expect you to pay this first time around. After awhile a woman can pay, but some women still believe a man should at first.

Hopefully from here you’ll be able to meet the right person and see if you have any chemistry!

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