Tips for Registering For College Classes

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Registering for classes can be the most stressful thing for many college students with the rush of wondering which classes to take, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Classes play a big role in affecting your mood throughout the school year, so why settle for less? Here are some tips to help you register for the semester ahead!


  1. Know when you’re allowed to register
    This is important because you should always plan ahead for classes. Keep in mind if you have to register in a different time zone and/or whether it’s during the day or night. You should have all of your classes ready to go. Set an alarm ahead to wake you up at least ten minutes ahead to make sure you’re logged in with no technical errors. Have your classes that you want listed with you so you can grab the classes you want quickly.
  2. The more classes you plan for, the better
    The more you plan ahead for the semester ahead, the more you have control over your schedule. You’ll be able to see what classes you have taken or plan to take. This is also help you graduate on time. See what classes you need and make sure you have all the prerequisites planned for the future classes. Also keep credits in mind as well! Don’t overwhelm yourself if you know you cannot handle a large amount.
  3. Plan your schedule based on time
    Hopefully you know which classes you want, and now you need to plan your week out. Do you want day classes? Do mid-afternoon classes suit you better? What about online classes? How many days do you want to go to class? Longer or shorter classes? Some classes have the option of being shorter by having them sorted throughout the week, or jam-packed into two days within two hours a class. If you need to have a break to have a meal in between, plan for that.
  4. Know where the classes are located
    I cannot emphasize this enough, especially when your professor takes attendance. Whether you want breaks in-between or enough time to walk to the other side of campus, plan accordingly. Know the amount of time it’ll take and how fast you could possibly power walk throughout your campus (keeping the weather conditions in mind, also.) Pull up a map of your campus to find the buildings and assume you’re going to take your time. Google Maps is great tool to help you determine the distance by looking at the layout of your campus from a bird’s eye view. If you can, plug the addresses of the buildings and see how long it would take to walk.
  5. Choose the professor of your liking
    There will be many professors teaching the same class that is required, however every professor has a different teaching style. Compare times and then narrow it down to the professors. I recommend looking up your professor at and search for your professor. See what other people have to say about them. Don’t base your conclusion on one review of the professor on whether or not they received a chili pepper.  Really read beyond the first review.
  6. ALWAYS have back up classes
    There isn’t always a guarantee you’ll classes that you initially wanted. If you do get onto the waiting list, you should wait for the time you can register for class if people drop the class. Every minute counts because someone could take your place if you don’t act quickly. You might not move up on the waiting list for your classes, so plan for a worst case scenario. Have at least one back up class behind your first choice.
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