Tips for a good headshot

Some people think it’s easy to take a beautiful headshot. That’s not always the case. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to creating a great headshot to represent you in your modeling profession. Initially a headshot is all you may have in the beginning of your career until you start booking jobs and shoots. Here are some tips on how to create a unique and stunning headshot.
• Find a photographer who is knowledgeable but will also listen to what you want as well. Some photographers think they know it all when it comes to their craft, however your vision may clash with his. Make sure that whoever you work with can share your vision with you. Ultimately, you have to be satisfied with the photo, not him.
• Make sure your eyes are the focus. Don’t have a headshot where you are looking down, you want to engage casting agents and captivate them with your photo. Make sure that whatever photo you choose has your gaze directly at the camera, not to the side or looking down.
• Choose lighting that will enhance your skin. When it comes to an up close photograph like a headshot, your skin will be one of the focal points. Some photographers will use diffused lighting since it’s not as harsh and will still bring dimension to the face.
• Don’t overdo it with airbrushing. While you want your photo to look as flawless as possible, you want to also look realistic as well. You also want the photo to look like you and not an entirely different person so don’t have your photographer go overboard when it comes to enhancing the photo.
• Avoid anything that can distract from you. Headshots normally have a plain background so it’s ideal to have your headshots taken in a studio where you can have a plain backdrop. Also avoid any jewelry, excessive makeup, props, or extravagant hairstyles. You want the focal point to be your face and not everything else around it. Make sure when you apply your makeup that it’s natural looking, you shouldn’t look like you are going out to a date or overly done up. The more natural the look is, the better it will be for you.
• Choose a pose that best represents you. You want a headshot that captures your essence so make sure you figure out what pose will display that. You can even take time before your shoot to practice in the mirror to see what poses you like the best.

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