How to pick a career

When embarking on your pursuit of higher education, one question often looms: what am I going to do with this degree? It can be a daunting task to choose a major and its supporting courses when you haven’t yet decided on your future career. Here are a few ways to choose your courses when you still don’t know what direction you’ll be taking after graduation day.

What comes easy to you?

No, this isn’t advice on being lazy. Subjects that you are naturally good at are more likely to lead you to your future career than ones that are a constant struggle. Did you spend more time on your math homework than any other class, just to get an average grade? Then why attempt to follow a career path where you’ll be doing math every day? Look to your innate abilities for clues on what your dream job will be and study courses that help develop those abilities.

What gets you excited?

Let’s face it: there are some things you want to learn more than other. If your heart races at the thought of dissecting a novel, you are highly likely to be successful at those courses. Subjects that genuinely pique your interest will be rewarding and enjoyable for you to delve into. Even if you don’t see a related field of work from these classes, being engaged in the subject matter can often help you discover what you would really love to do.

What does your mom, friends or current teachers think you should study?

Often others can see talents in you that you can’t see yourself. If you are really stuck on deciding what to study, listen to recommendations from the people who know you best. You may not think you are the greatest in geography, but your geography teacher is marking everyone else’s grades and may know that you are a standout student, even if you think you’re just average.

Unless you have a clear career goal in mind, don’t bother slogging through courses because you feel you have to. Your learning should be an exciting and rewarding adventure. If you follow your heart at school, you may continue on a path that helps you find a job you love just as much.

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