Tips on Time Management

There’s A LOT that you need to get done when you’re in college. Many people feel overwhelmed when first starting out. It seems impossible to get the seemingly hundreds of pages of reading done, finish all your other assignments, get sleep, and still have time for anything else. But there are a few main strategies you can employ to manage your time well and not get drowned under a sea of textbooks and syllabuses. I always carry a planner with me, literally anywhere I go. And I write everything down in it. This means not just when my classes or club meetings are, but everything from when I’m going to study, when I’m going to eat, when I’m going to exercise…you get the picture. Personally I tried a couple other means of organization – writing things on a calendar at home, keeping track of appointments on my computer, and writing notes to myself on my phone, to name a few. None of it worked. But then a friend suggested I buy a planner, and it completely changed time management for me. There’s something about having a visual right in front of you, where everything you need to do, along with how long it’s going to take, is written down. Since I’ve started to use a planner I’ve started to see how long it really takes me to do different tasks, like homework. I’ve also started to see where I’m wasting time and being unproductive, and where I need to schedule in more time for meals, sleep, or fun. Inevitably, however, things change throughout the course of the day. Your schedule might get messed up, and it can stress you out or make you less productive if you run around trying to finish everything. Have a few main priorities you want to accomplish in a day. That way when scheduling goes awry and your meticulously planned day goes out the window, you already know where and on what you need to focus your energies for the remainder of the day. It also helps to wear a watch. Some people might say that looking at your phone is a good substitute, but honestly, my phone is a distraction. If I’m working on homework in the library and need to keep checking the time so I know when I need to leave, if I’m constantly checking my phone it really means that I’m also constantly checking texts and social media. Invest in a watch and you’ll find yourself with a distraction-free time checker and fashion piece all in one

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