Being a college freshman

Hello, I’m Nicole. I am a senior at a high school in Pennsylvania, planning to pursue my education further at Pennsylvania State University. I love to write creatively and am intending on double majoring in marketing and journalism with a minor in economics. I like to keep active, listen to music, write, travel, and spend time with family and friends. I am also a college football fanatic. My favorite things to do are laughing and having a good time.

Senior year is a time where everything is absolutely crazy. Submitting college applications, trying to get a last minute boost on standardized test scores, and spending the last few months with friends and family before college all while trying to keep up grades is exceptionally time consuming and stressful. Add a rejection letter on top of that and it creates a hot mess. No worries, every fellow senior is going through the exact same process. Breathe in, breathe out, and relax.

Submitting application after application can be exhausting. However, it is essential to keep the end goal in mind. Think how amazing the long-awaited acceptance letter will feel in your hands. Those tiring applications will be all worth it in the end, guaranteed.

Standardized test scores are the absolute biggest pain. Study for an endless amount of time and then waste five hours of a Saturday morning isn’t exactly ideal for anyone. Although we as students don’t see the importance in those dreaded tests, colleges somehow do. This makes it a priority to do the absolute best on these tests, therefore have no shame in taking these tests a second or third time, even during senior year. As said before, there really is no better feeling than having that acceptance in your hands.

Even though senior year may leave little time, it is important to spend remaining time with family and friends. During college, there will be almost no time to see family and friends other than on breaks. You will meet so many other people during school, might as well have the best time with your childhood friends while you can.

When the ruthless disease Senioritis collects another victim, it is difficult to cure. Symptoms include wearing sweatpants every day, not caring about anything in school, and allowing grades to slip. It is easy to catch this contagious disease, but try to avoid it at all costs! Don’t forget, in order to get into college, one must graduate high school first, and what a great day that will be.

While academics are prioritized, spend a little time on yourself too. Live life: plan a senior trip, go to senior picnic, attend senior prom, etc. You are only young once. Sometimes it may feel like you are going through this whole college process alone, but you aren’t! Parents, grandparents, and current college students have all been through it before. Always keep asking advice; you will make it through this.

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