To Crop Top or Not?

Wondering if you should hop on the crop top bandwagon or if the shortened shirts you bought last year are still in? The answer is YES! The crop top that popped up everywhere last summer is here to stay! Celebrities seem to have embraced the trend that exposes the midriff and gives off a relaxed and effortless vibe. Ever wonder if you could pull off the trend as well? Or where you would ever wear it? We may not all have taunt tummies like most celebrities, but that doesn’t mean that the trend necessarily is off limits for you. Here are five simple ways to incorporate a crop top into your everyday look.
1. Wear highwaisted shorts or pants. Keeping bottoms above the belly button allows you to show a sliver of skin without revealing your entire stomach.

2. Pair it with a maxi skirt or an oversized cardigan. Wearing long skirts and sleeves helps balance out skin exposure. Keep it classy, if everything you are wearing is tight and tiny you will end up looking too racy and bigger than you actually are.

4. Pick the right venue. Summer festival or a day at the beach? Sure! Dinner with your boyfriend’s parents or heaven forbid, work? Absolutely not! Crop tops are a fun summer trend, but they aren’t made for all occasions. Only wear one someplace if you are confident it isn’t inappropriate. If you have to ask yourself if it’s okay, take it off.

5. Wear it in a neutral or solid color. Neon or crazy patterns draw too much attention on top of wearing an already noticeable item. You want to come off sophisticated or laid back, not like you are screaming for others to stare.

If you keep your crop top simple, classy, and appropriate for the time and place then it can work its way fashionably into any summer wardrobe.

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