Tips for international students

Hey everyone, my name is Karen Jensen, I graduated from Ohio University 3 years ago. When I first came to America from China in 2008, I brought only two suitcases with me. It has been 6 years since then and now I am married and have a one and a half year old son. Additionally we have a big golden retriever and a cat. I first came to the United States all alone and now I have a big family.

Here is my story on how I successfully graduated from college on time. My first year and a half was focused on studying English, after which I was able to pass the TOEFL. At this point I was able to begin focusing on my regular business academic classes. After another year and a half, I was able to officially graduate from college. I now would like to share a few keys on how to succeed in college.

My first key for graduating on time is taking summer courses. The biggest advantage of taking summer classes is saving a lot of tuition. If you are from out of state or from another country, you know that tuition is double or triple than that of local students. Since schools offer summer courses on a reduced price basis, why not taking advantage by saving some significant money. Taking summer courses not only helps students save tuition, but also helps students to graduate earlier. This was an aspect that I was looking forward to as well, because my goal was to graduate on time so that I could go out and make money to support myself. Therefore I took as many summer classes as I could. It is a wise and smart choice.

A second key of my success was taking advantage of activities and career opportunities on campus, which are a big help on future resumes. I once had a job in college at which I had to sell pens. A couple of years later at the first interview for my first job, the recruiter wanted to see my sales abilities and asked me to sell him a pen. I did, and I thought that I had done a great job because it was based on true experience. In addition to career opportunities on campus, I was involved in other on-campus activities such as Cru and other volunteer opportunities. These activities will help to build your resume and if a recruiter asks for your experience, you will have a great answer to give.

Last but not least, my final key to finishing strong was searching for jobs a couple of months before graduation. Yes, that is a tremendous help. I was an international student and I felt pressure and stress regularly. I started searching for a job even a half year early. I was rejected for a few jobs, but finally, just two months before graduation I was hired. Thanks goodness, I did not have to be send back to my home country and I finished strong and firm.

Hey international students, I hope you can find help from this article and I wish you start and finish strong.

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