To Join a Sorority or Not

Joining a sorority is a really personal decision. You will spend a lot of time with these women. You will have commitment obligations that include your time and your money. Also, by joining, you will be responsible to uphold the reputation of the sorority through your actions from the moment you join until you graduate. However the plus sides are the opportunity to meet women that might be lifelong friends. Also, sororities instantly fill your social calendar with parties and volunteer programs. Here are some things to know before deciding to join a sorority or not.
Recruitment is Rough
Recruitment, or rush, can be brutal. It’s speed dating. You have to make a strong impression in a few seconds because you have to meet as many sisters as possible in the allotted time. At the same time, you have to feel out the sorority and get a sense if it’s for you. It’s exhausting.
Money and Time Commitment
Before making the final decision to join a sorority, be very clear as to what your membership fees and all the extras (shirts, paddles, gifts etc.) add up to. It might be a deciding factor to join or not. As to time, make sure other commitments won’t hinder you from fulfilling obligations within the sorority. These are great opportunities to build strong connections to the other members and shouldn’t be missed.
Rejection Can be Heartbreaking
If the sorority you have your heart set on doesn’t choose you, it can really hurt. However you have to believe it isn’t as personal as you think, because really, the sorority doesn’t have time to get to know the true you. However, if you really believe that you belong to that sorority because you felt a strong connection, don’t give up. Spend the time before the next rush opportunity to seek out the sorority sisters and start making friends with them. Once they get to know you, they’ll probably realize their mistake, encourage you to rush again, and then you’ll get it.
Sisterhood Isn’t Instant
Most sororities have between 70-90 members at one given time. You cannot be friends with all of them. Therefore you have to form a group within the group. Seek out women who have similar interests and values as you do and make them your core friend group. This shouldn’t be too hard because if you found the right sorority for you, there should be a nice group to find.
Do not even consider joining a sorority that has a reputation for nasty hazing. Humiliation does not build a lasting experience or friendships. You’re better than that.

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