College party tips

Treisha Jones is currently a senior at Georgia State University. She is majoring in Journalism with a minor in Hospitality. Treisha is also a certified TEFL instructor with 160 hours of training to teach English as a second language. She plans on using this certification to travel the world teaching youth the number one language of business and trade. In preparation for this, Treisha currently tutors online in three subjects; Math, English, and Spanish. Treisha just recently started her own educational company called, “Tiny Teacher,” tutoring children and adults in ESL, Spanish, English, and other subjects. She aspires to follow in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a certified Life Coach. She enjoys helping other people reach their fullest potential through support and encouragement.

When one thinks of college, parties just seem to creep into mind. The freedom of being able to come and go as you please without the inkling of worry just tantalizes the brain. The difference between college parties and high school parties is that a college party can occur on any given day of the week. What do you if the cutest guy or girl in your class invited you to their “Back to School Bash,” and it happens to fall on the night before your first huge exam? All kinds of thoughts begin to run through your mind; “when will I ever get invited to a party like this again,” or “what if this happens to be the milestone of my popularity in college?” It soon boils down to you wondering if you should attend this party or not.
Let us weigh out the options. By choosing to go to this party, yes it is possible that a lot of new friends will be made and maybe a future love interest. You may even gain cool points as well. If you choose to stay in and study you will allot a few extra hours of sleep to be refreshed enough to take your exam and will also have had ample time to do a little last minute reviewing. This little extra time set aside could lead to an even better grade and a great start to a semester. Starting off strong with a class allows room for possible mistakes throughout the semester for the times that are actually difficult without dropping the final grade down too low. Instant popularity and cute guys and girls can sometimes cloud our judgment regarding prioritizing but future employers do not base their decisions off of who attended the most parties in college but who actually attained a degree with reputable acknowledgments. Even that cute guy or girl has little measure when it comes to your future. Whoever cannot positively contribute to your future or well-being is not someone that should be awarded your time.
I learned the lesson the hard way when I received a flyer to attend my very first college party. I was so excited that I completely forgot that I had a sociology exam the next morning. My reasoning was that I would have enough time to cram in the morning since my class was in the afternoon. In my eyes I had everything planned out, except for the actual evening. What I did not plan was making some great senior friends and being invited to an “after party,” once the actual party was over. There was no way that I could turn that down seeing as my crush was the one that invited me. I also did not plan on being at that particular after party until six in the morning. By the time I returned home all I could think about was my bed, and my exam was the last thing on my mind. Once my alarm had went off it was thirty minutes before the start of class and I still had not reviewed. I ended up showing up to class still half asleep and totally bombed my exam.
The moral of my story is that when being faced with that crossroad and you do not know which way to turn just remember that parties are never-ending but the money that will be gifted to you to attend classes that you fail is extremely limited. Being a college student is a privilege, an expensive privilege that should not be toyed around with. No matter how tempting a party is social activities should never surpass the importance of your education. College should definitely be an experience that changes your life and is very memorable. While making all of these memories keep in mind that there is life after college and what you do there is what will determine what that life after will be like.

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