Too eager to graduate

Class. Work. Study. Class. Work. Study. You know the drill by now. You ‘ve never been more over anything in your entire life. College has become a routine, an endless trail of responsibility and effective time management. But thank God, the end is in sight!

Graduation looms from the moment you set foot in your first lecture hall. Like a storm cloud, it’s ominous, foreboding, and surprisingly stimulating. As the days sweep by in a disturbingly linear progression, you can feel the end creeping up like a drain spider lying in wait.

But what lays beyond? A lot of people don’t take time to think about it, other than the fact that it will mean an end to 15 page research papers, scan tron tests, and excruciating study habbits. Grass is always greener….or is it?

Flash forward five years to future you, trapped in a sweaty office that smells like stale footwear and peanuts. The most exciting part of your day is when the printer jams, scattering paper across the floor of your office. How did I get here, you think. What happened to sleeping till two and living life like a drunken circus puppet?

Of course, all great things have to come to an end. But the sad fact is, so many students get wrapped up in the end goal that they forget to appreciate the amazing experiences they’re having along the way. The hallway rolling-chair races. The all-nighter sunrise, followed by a shamefully greasy breakfast buffet. Beautiful, reckless unaccountability.

The best favor you can do yourself is to slow down and commune with the person you are now, right this minute. Not who you want to be, not who you used to be, but prefect, present, you. Take time to acknowledge the positive things in your life and the people you’re sharing them with because things are going to change.

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