Top 5 tips for staying healthy in college

Julie Archer is a recent college graduate from Georgia Southern University with her bachelor’s in Political Science and minor in Philosophy. She currently works in advertising and public relations and is the owner of a social media consulting company called The Social Birdz, while writing and blogging on the side.  She will be attending graduate school next year with the intention of acquiring her master’s in International Relations, with a dream of working in foreign policy. Check out her blog at: for similar articles on college life!


Staying healthy is college is one of the most important things you must do while in school, other than, of course, graduating and making good grades!Along with the usual benefits of staying healthy, it can also positively affect your school work: helping you to stay energized and allowing you to be more productive in school. Being healthy isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good and is an all around lifestyle change. The five tips below will help you on that path to living a healthy lifestyle while also still enjoying the college life your freshman year!


1. Walk everywhere. This becomes pretty easy in college, especially if you’re a freshman who is not allowed to have a car at school or park on campus. Avoid the bus at all costs unless it’s unavoidable. Schedule in some extra time in the morning so you can make it on time to class even if you walk there. Chances are, you are going to be in close proximity to everything you need, so walk to them whenever you can. My freshman year I had a grocery store, a mall and a recreation center all within walking distance, so my Nike’s got a lot of use because of that!


2. Join an intramural sport. This is not only healthy for you, but really fun! You won’t believe how many different sports are offered intramurally and if there’s not one offered that you like, most schools will allow you to set up a team with friends. My school offered sports like kickball, table tennis and even water polo! You won’t even realize that you’re working out because you’ll be having so much fun with friends doing it.


3. Take advantage of your school gym. There is never going to be another time when you have a huge recreation facility for your use for free, to go whenever you want! (Or, at least it’s sort of free…) Our school gym had a huge rock climbing facility and racquetball courts. Also, there was a ton of group fitness classes at our disposal and it was a great opportunity to try different things and figure out which ones I liked and didn’t like. (I LOVE pilates and hate aerobics). Even if you’re not into running on a treadmill or lifting weights, theres so many different options for you that there shouldn’t be an excuse.


4. Pick the healthier option. If you’re a freshman, chances are you have a meal plan. There is also a chance that there’s probably  a lot of pizza and soda available at your dining facilities. Stay away from these as much as possible. Most, if not all schools will offer many different and healthier options for you and you should try and eat those as much as possible. Also, don’t eat the same thing every day! Just because there’s a salad bar doesn’t mean thats your only healthy option. Try the salad bar one day and the next day make a healthy wrap or get some baked chicken. At my school, we had a make-it-yourself stir-fry station, where you could pile on as many veggies as you wanted.


5. Surround yourself with like-minded people. You will never stick to your healthy lifestyle if you surround yourself with people who drink every night and eat a ton of pizza. Find people who like to do the same things you do at places you go: someone at the gym who needs a workout buddy or people on an intramural team. I’m not saying it’s bad to be friends with people who don’t go to the gym or eat healthy, but it helps to be friends with people who like the same things you do if your goal is to stick to healthy living.

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