Top Five Essential Things You Should Experience in College

College is such an amazing time! You want to get the most out of it that you can, right? Don’t even think about graduating without partaking in the the following five essential college experiences.
1) Road trip with friends – So much fun, so many memories, such an adventure. At least once, pile into a car (preferably a convertible!) and head anywhere with a group of friends. No need to exhaustively plan it out. Be spontaneous and buckle that seat belt because who knows what adventures you and your besties will find.

2) Attend a Major Sporting Event – Nothing says college so much like wearing your university’s team jersey and colors and tailgating before a major sporting event. If you happen to go to a college without a big athletic scene, no worries. Head over to your hometown friend’s college campus and enjoy the scene there.

3) Be a member of a group or team – Graduating without being a member of a group or team would be a shame. It doesn’t matter what it is – the debate club, your dorm’s kickball team, the German society…Just sign up and enjoy!

4) Study abroad (or at least in a different city) – Not all of us will have the opportunity to travel to another country and spend a semester studying. But studying “abroad” doesn’t have to mean traveling to a foreign country. Look into your college’s sister school relationships or check out a friend’s temporary transfer program.

5) Find your career mentor — This could be a professor who you click with or it could be your boss during your summer internship, but this last college essential experience is a crucial one. Not only does it set you up for success in your career by giving you a sounding board for advice, but if you’re lucky, you’ll gain a lifelong friend.

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