Fresh Date Ideas

It’s been a tough month full of mid-terms, friendship drama and late night study groups. You and your sweetie have barely seen each other! It’s definitely time to plan a date so you two lovebirds can spend some time together. Are you running low on exciting and different ideas? Fear not. We’ve collected some fresh and fun date ideas below. Try just one or all five! You can’t miss with this list.
1. Get outdoors – A great date doesn’t have to take place at night. Hit the park Sunday morning to spread out a blanket and stare at the clouds. Or rent some bike with baskets and head to the local farmer’s market to shop for the lunch menu. Bonus points for eating your meal outside.

2. Go to the gym – Do you normally hit the gym alone for yoga class or chat with your girlfriend while you both run on the treadmills? Why not try out this healthy activity with your guy? Working up a sweat together is something you both can benefit from.

3. Dance – Just Dance. Daytime, nighttime, in your dorm room, outside on the grass. Dancing is just one of those date ideas that doesn’t need much else besides amazing music and a willing partner. Is your guy shy? Bring up taking a professional lesson to loosen up those inhibitions.

4. Get back to your childhood – Think the zoo or aquarium is just for kids? Think again. There’s something so fun about holding hands with your guy while strolling through the zoo or aquarium. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy feeling like a kid again.

5. Amp up the excitement – An adrenaline rush is a mood enhancer. Go zip-lining, hit the climbing wall at the local outdoors store or even cheer on your favorite team at the local sports bar. Any of these activities get your blood pumping!

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